We support various facilities in every region of the country.

The 3 ways to meet customer needs.


Corporation H.In.Solution co.,Ltd
Establishment 2004.6.23.
Capital fund ¥25,000,000
Representative Kenichi Takao
Address 542-0081
Senba MK Bldg. 8F Minamisenba 4-11-17 Chuo-ku Osaka-shi
TEL/FAX TEL:06-6121-7667 FAX:06-6121-7668

・ Design and supervision
・ Building construction
・ Hotel,care facility project
– Design and supervision
– RN construction/Building operation/Construction control
– Production and distribution of furniture and bedding
– Consultation

・ Restaurant business

・ Real estate
-Planning of estate operation and development
-Sales of real estate and mediation business

・ Welfare projects
(Osaka prefectural government third party evaluation project)
approval and
・ first-class registered architect 大阪府知事(ハ) 第21077号
・ Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business license
大阪府知事(2) 第52052号
・ ordinary construction license 大阪府知事(般-26) 第132827号
An affiliated
・ Osaka association of architectural firms
・ Osaka Takken Association
・ Construction Management Association of Japan
・ NPO Sick house Consultants Association
・ Osaka prefectural government third evaluation project

I had been join to renewal project for hotel in every
region of the country. The trend of gorgeous design
has changed. Money can make good looks building,
but we need to blend new idea with traditional and
old knowledge for make place where people really
like it. We’ll meet customer needs with our total solution
for the people who trust us.


●5 minutes on foot from Shinsaibashi Subway Station

Senba MK Bldg. 8F Minamisenba 4-11-17 Chuo-ku Osaka-shi
TEL:06-6121-7667 7